Thank you for your intense and profound lessons 2020 and welcome 2021.
2021 will begin with online events, soon to be published in this section. As strange and intense as this period is, it is also offering a great possibility of change for all of us, without exception. Never blame others, it all comes from us.

We are one Consciousness, ONE.
If we consider others the culprits of our misery, our life will descend more and more into this sad routine and we will not know the possibility of evolution that this intense and complex period is offering us.
A heartfelt and harmonious wish for our rebirth as humans, as a society, as a cosmic family in 2021!

We are one Consciousness, ONE.

channeling events


Channeling is a natural gift of all beings, once we quiet our mind and bring silence within us, we are able to connect with the whle creation, the whole universe.

energetic areas of earth


Planet Earth is calling us to visit places, feel energies and elements which are always available to us to heal from the distractions of life and the overflowing thoughts that often fill our minds.

channeling events


How do we prepare to experience contact with other “unknown” energies, other dimensional beings or other evolved planes of existence?

Daniele Piserchia

About Me

My name is Daniele Piserchia, born in 1976 in Rome. I studied, lived and worked for a few years in England, and then I decided to head back to Italy. Between 2008 and 2010, my life suddenly changes; first, a series of unexpected circumstances causes a state of near-death and over time follows a series of ET Contact experiences. These unexpected experiences open my mind to new and possibly extraordinary realities; my life is therefore projected towards a great and rapid change that makes me aware of the great gift, which is Life on Earth.


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