Contact Meetings: Experiencing & Comprehending

Group work (done in meetings where we share our very own experiences of Contact) is very important, first to understand the meaning and purpose of such events in one’s life but also and above all, not to stumble in our fears that often emerge when we have to deal with the unknown.

These fears are often the lesson that we must overcome in order to evolve to the point of getting in touch with other planetary and multidimensional species. On Earth, a large percentage of the population experiences such close encounters but is not supported by a weak society that is not ready to accept higher truths and prefers to hide in the lies of the mind.

These meetings serve as a support to remember, comprehend and accept such events, welcoming them and using them as a personal and evolutionary tool for all mankind. After all We are One, why ignore what is beyond this planet, beyond our limited view of reality?

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