Contact Work

What do we mean by using the terms “CONTACT WORK “?

How do we prepare to experience contact with other “unknown” energies, other dimensional beings or other evolved planes of existence? Often such meetings take place in our dreams, sometimes through coincidences, most of the times we are not even aware of such meetings.

However, how should we proceed, in order to experience more consciously meetings with such beings?
And how do such encounters fit in our lives for our own evolution?
What fears should we face and look beyond?
What clouds of beliefs blur the truth and feed disinformation in our mind?

Contact Work events lead us to dissolve the knots of our fears that confuse and pollute the messages we receive from the Light, in such way increasing and thereby improving the communication process with our own higher self, our guides and family of the Stars that simply wish to support us in our own evolution and share joy in being together, embracing each other in the stars.

contact work
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