Channeling Events

A Channelling event is a meeting where participants are given the possibility of communicating, listening and receiving guidance and healing energies from guides of Light and Love, who deliver to us precious information for the evolution of human beings.

Every soul on Earth brings a talent and everyone in their own way channel, in fact, the types of channeling often varies from person to person. The messages and the energies of the guides do not contain any kind of judgment, bringing instead wisdom and integrative energies that support healing, awakening and evolution of a human being. If you know or do not know what Channeling is, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and topics; if you have not yet experienced Channeling you can look out on this fascinating scenery bringing all of your joy and surprise, we guarantee you will receive much light and love back in return.

channeling events

Daniele is a natural channel and professionally works with guides of Light and Love through his body, which gives in service to Guides, Masters and Brothers and Sister, highly evolved in the Light, who bring wisdom, help and support to all humanity.

The type of channeling done by Daniele is vocal, acting as a window, a common ground for guides of Light and Masters to bring messages and information to people, messages appropriate for their evolution.

Events can contain different topics (from the meaning of sickness and disease to karmic patterns in our lives, or life on other planets or parallel planes of existence). In such way it is given to all who participate the opportunity to communicate and connect, dialoguing, with different guides of Light with different backgrounds, vibrations or frequencies, every encounter is unique.

Recently the channelling events are taking a new different shape, whilst they still welcome questions from the audience, the guides at times can teach different meditation journeys, group healing practices, travelling through space & time and many other things.
Each event is really unique and perfect for the people that are attending it.

Note: it is suggested to prepare in advance a list of questions and topics you would like to talk about.

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