Energy Spots, Meridians, Chakras and Aura

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According to the traditional oriental medicine matter is infused with a subtle energy, called Chi or Qi, which is manifested through vibration, flow and waves of movement. The Chi energy flows through a network of channels called meridians , that extend throughout the body as an intricate web. The latter can be compared to a second nervous system that connects the physical body and the more subtle energy system that surrounds it. According to the Chinese medicine, there are twelve pairs of meridians and each pair is associated with a different organ.

sundao energy spots

The fluid movements of Sundao, Tai Chi and QiGong and techniques of acupuncture and acupressure apply the knowledge of the meridians to eliminate the blockages of energy and treat the disease.

Therefore, diseases are nothing more than a stop of energy flow in the body. The circulation of this subtle energy can eliminate this blockage, and thus cure the disease.

Eastern medical and mystical traditions share the belief that particular centers, known as “chakra”, support a major role in the circulation of energy in the body

sundao energy spots

The seven main chakras are linked inextricably to the meridian system. The chakras can be defined as the “Transformers”, which at the same time receive, assimilate and transmit energy. They are able to collect and store different types of energy, and can also change their vibrations so to use that energy for different purposes. To picture the chakras, just try to imagine flowers with vibrant and colorful petals along the spine.

These are intertwined with the nervous system in the body and distribute the energy of each chakra. The chakras receive information on the status of the subtle bodies continuously. The seven chakra centers control the major glands of the endocrine system and affect both the physical and psychological.

sundao energy spots

The meridians connect and pass through the body’s organs (like rivers of energy constantly moving, flowing in and out of each other). In addition to the energy channels already mentioned, there are eight others, the so-called extraordinary meridians, which run between the etheric and the physical body and act as a sort of energy reserve, borrowing from the meridian points of the organs and creating their passages between the nervous and circulatory systems. These meridians are linked to the vitality and the emotional/mental states of the person. Their primary function is to feed the main meridians with Qi energy, life force. 

sundao energy spots

The most important extraordinary meridian moves along the center of the body, connecting directly with the major chakras which are connected to the subtle bodies. The latter, enter and leave the body through various chakras or entry points. The subtle system of energy can be viewed as a series of diaphanous layers maintained in place by thin membranes that separate them, but at the same time allow them to extend into one another. As for the aura it is important to remember that it is a reflection of the physical vitality: the more balanced and healthy and the larger the auric field. The latter can also extend to more than a meter from the body, since its energy invests the whole system of subtle bodies. In poor health, the aura is very close to the body in order to conserve vital energy. The whole system of energy is constantly moving and these energies will exchange, redistribute and rebalance constantly.

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