Beyond Life - Journeys Through Dimensions

Travelling through Dimensions

Events to grow beyond the boundaries of a reality. On the other side, beyond suffering, limits, beliefs and fears, abandoning the instrument used in this reality that we call ego. A series of events (related but also independent of each other) in order to understand and live in an evolutionary manner the delicate dimensional passages of birth and death. How to live peacefully this reality, helping those who are born and those who end their journeys in this dimension. How to face detachment in an evolutionary manner.

beyond life

Events include:

• Theoretical Illustrations, sharing experiences of those who had near-death experiences:
• Daniele Piserchia shares the details of his experience and how it has profoundly changed its way of seeing and living this life on Earth.

• Who are we?
• What is life on Earth, why are we here?
• What are we here to achieve?
• Which are the dimensions of life?
• Are there any guides that wish to support us on this Earthly journey?
• Why is it important to understand these dimensional passages?
• Why the fear of death can influence the way we will approach in the future this natural process.
• The importance of thoughts, mantras, prayers that can support others to walk towards the light to continue their life beyond this reality without attachments.

  • Various communication methods between dimensions.
  • Fear and guilt, knots to observe and dissolve.
  • Meditations to tune in with our true nature, our higher consciousness.
  • Regressions to re-live experience and observe fundamental moments of our lives, such as the birth, this important passage that reminds us where we came from, our origin.
  • Letting Go Meditation.
life journey
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