Practicing Sundao

Yoga Meditation Daoism

Sundao’s Precepts:

Chung Shim (Right Mind),
Chung Sie (Right View),
Chung Gahk (Right Awakening),
Chung Do (Right Way),
Chung Haeng (Right Conduct).
“With the genuine mind of the heavens (Chung Shim),
observing correctly all things in the universe (Chung Sie),
perceiving and acquiring accurately the real truth (Chung Gahk),
up to the way to honestly live as obeying the laws of universe (Chung Do),
without standing against the laws of nature, act properly (Chung Haeng).”



The training system of Sundao consists of three practical parts: Chung GAHK Do, Tong Ki Bup , and Sundao Bup .

In phase Chung GAHK Do, the focus is on training the body. In phase Tong Ki Bup, the emphasis is on spiritual training through breathing and slow or still postures. In the final stage, the Sundao Bup, focuses completely on unifing the mind and body with the Universe.


In Chung GAHK Do (warm-up phase) , we begin to circulate and distribute Qi energy through the postures ( Ki – Hyul Sunwhan Yutong Bup ) .

Practicing Chung Kahk Do, enriches our Qi energy (hereditary Qi or pre birth), holds Danchun (our power centre in the lower abdomen) full with this energy, and circulates the energy in each meridian of the energy system.

After the warm-up phase, we continue with the main part of the practice.

sundao practices


In the main part, we train our energy center, the Danchun (lower abdominal) with conscious breathing, special postures and meditations ( Danchun Haengong ) . There are 50 frames in Choong – Ki Danbup , 23 in Kun and Gon Danbup and 360 poses in Win- Ki Danbup .

sundao practices


After the main part, we end up with a final practice that encourages the Qi accumulated, with the breathing through the Danchun, to flow throughout our body, in addition with the phase – Ki Shin Bup the internal organs of our body will be strengthened.

This process makes the mind fresh and the body strong. Any discord in the body or in the mind disappears spontaneously; leaving us feeling very healthy as the gates of wisdom open, allowing us to view our lives with honesty and clarity.

sundao practices


Between one part and the other of the Sundao practice, there are deep relaxations stimulating the process of energy and meditations designed to transcend the identification with the ego and the thinking mind by connecting to a more supreme part of the Self, our Higher Self, the Light, the Source, the Universe, the One.

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