About Me: Daniele Piserchia

My name is Daniele Piserchia, born in 1976 in Rome and raised in the beautiful Sabina countryside north of Rome.
I study, live and work for a few years in England, and then
I decide to head back to Italy. Between 2008 and 2010, my life suddenly changes; first, a series of unexpected circumstances causes a state of near-death and over time follows a series of ET Contact experiences.
These unexpected experiences open my mind to new and possibly extraordinary realities; my life is therefore projected towards a great and rapid change that makes me aware of the great gift, which is Life on Earth.

This sudden awakening creates profound changes in my life, values, habits, relationships, and all that is related to health and wellness. Thus, I begin deep studies on the meaning of life (terrestrial and extraterrestrial), metaphysics, meditation and philosophical subjects, searching for all possible truths. Through meditation and a series of workshops and courses in which I participate,

Daniele Piserchia

I start to be aware of the importance of a healthy body and mind and the great need to get rid of every false aspect and notion we have attached onto ourselves so that it is easier to get in contact with our spirit, our higher Self.  I therefore realize how important it is to get rid of everything that weighs us down, relationships that have completed their tasks, situations no longer appropriate for our growth or limiting thoughts we have about ourselves. I start practicing an ancient Taoist healing practice, called Sundao, which works on rebalancing body-mind-spirit, healing the body and mind thereby opening a channel of connection with our spirit, our higher self. This process helps me to achieve a quiet mind, understanding the importance of balance in life and in the relationship with others and myself.

Daniele Piserchia

I have always been fond of nature, and of the elements of our beloved planet Earth and this helped the entire transformational process, often adventuring myself in forests and mountains, in search of silence and spiritual connection.
The moment I learned how to balance the relationship between mind, body and spirit, and reached the awareness of the importance of keeping a clear mind, free of any unnecessary thoughts and beliefs, I realized I could no longer ignore the many energetic beings around me.
I started to notice how often my body moved itself during meditation, once reached a state of trance; I first watched amused these innocuous independent movements and I then chose to surrender to those energies, without investigating the whole experience, everything was so new. Until a few years later, when everything becomes clearly so powerful so that I can’t avoid it anymore.  I suddenly feel to start a research about this state of consciousness, which is constantly present in my life (not only in meditation or a trance-state), I find resonance within the term “Channelling” and I participate to an intensive Channelling-training workshop leaded by Lyssa Royal, an international expert in the field and a talented teacher. 

The energy released by the channeling workshop makes me aware of how important channeling is in my life. I’m surprised at how the tuning process with the energies of Light is automatic and instantaneous, and I marvel at the great help and support that these higher communications bring to people and situations, as well as to myself, helping me further to get rid of beliefs and notions that weigh my growth.

However, what does it mean to let go, to surrender? For years, I had a recurring dream, which rather bothered me: I was at the wheel of a car and drove between beautiful mountains and valleys on a road full of switchbacks, suddenly I found myself sitting in the back seat of the car, while the car continued to go ahead on the road. Therefore, taken by the fear of falling off the road, I desperately tried to reach for the steering wheel, still sitting at the backseat of the car, with the constant fear of driving off the road and falling off the cliff. Nevertheless, even though I was not at the wheel, the car did not fall; remaining on the road, someone else was driving it, even though I could not see it. So thanks to these dreams I began to trust, trust in the being of light that connects with me and through me and let that being hold the steering wheel in my place. Trust is obviously very important, fundamental, you need to put to sleep your ego, to quiet your mind and give the steering wheel of your body/vehicle to essences of Light. They will take us far away from our still life, our comfort zone, they will show us amazing places and dimensions that we would not ever expect to explore and learn from.

Daniele Piserchia
Daniele Piserchia

These experiences will teach us how to observe our life, our sorrows and our joys with different eyes, from a fresh new and different perspective, full of Light.
When we are free of doubts and we recognize the frequencies of energy and hear our higher self, which is our true and pure essence, our Real Self,  then everything is easier, fears and doubts have no place in the higher realms.
I feel it is important, in the path of awakening, to discover many possible tools that help us clear the clouds that envelop our minds, leaving nothing but the pure light that we are. It is also important not to create attachments with these tools and to not fall into the rigidity of our own rules, but to flow instead with life, observing and learning from our choices and the lessons that life brings us. The work on ourselves is a continuous work; it is simply the journey to find ourselves. 

We are all on a journey; we are all One, one consciousness looking through many eyes. I offer today a series of consultations, meditations, classes chosen by the person or group. In addition to bringing theoretical and practical lessons of ancient Taoist yogic discipline( Sundao – The Art of Breathing), I teach to strengthen and build up a greater connection with Mother Earth, the Sun, the stars, our own guides, our inner child, and our Higher Self.  I also hold Channelling events around the world (both in English & Italian), as well as private sessions, consultations and nature excursions. I have worked for 20 years in the educational field with children; I currently organize together with other dear friends and colleagues holistic summer camps.

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